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As a premium quality music service based in London, MAEZZTRO is dedicated to nurturing musical talent inspiring creativity, and providing exceptional music education to students of all skill levels and musical interests.  Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of intrumental lessons, masterclasses of compositon, improvisation and performance coaching.

Maezztro was founded and is currently managed by acclaimed jazz pianist, Tomasz Zyrmont. With a strong passion and extensive experience, he is dedicated to imparting his knowledge and expertise to educate individuals in the realm of music. We specialise in jazz piano and contemporary music.  Our music lessons are designed to create an optimal learning and development of our students. We focus on the personalized approach and teaching methods to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. We provide music tutorials from the comfort of your home and visit students in West London and South West London areas as such as: Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, Putney and Richmond.  


​Whether you're an aspiring musician taking your first steps in the world of music or an advanced performer seeking to refine your skills, Maezztro offers a diverse array of programs and flexible scheduling options to integrate with your busy lifestyle. Through regular lessons, planned recitals and exams we encourage students to gain confidence on stage and showcase their talents. 

Maezztro cooperates with many creative professionals. They’ve already worked on several groundbreaking music projects and continue to push themselves in stretching their imagination and musical boundaries. If you’d like to learn more about their inspirations, interests, or past work, get in touch with Maezztro today.


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