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Jazz piano lessons provide instruction and guidance in playing jazz music on the piano. These lessons typically cover various aspects of jazz piano playing, including harmony, improvisation, rhythm, voicing, and stylistic techniques. Students learn to play jazz standards, explore chord progressions, develop improvisational skills, and understand jazz theory concepts. The lessons often involve studying the works of influential jazz pianists, analyzing their styles, and applying their techniques to create original improvisations. Through jazz piano lessons, students can develop their musicality, expand their repertoire, and gain the skills necessary to play jazz piano with confidence and creativity.

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Classical and contemporary piano lessons offer comprehensive instruction for playing both classical and modern music on the piano. These lessons cater to students interested in a wide range of musical genres and styles. They delve into technique, musical interpretation, phrasing, and dynamics to bring out the nuances of the classical repertoire. Contemporary piano lessons, on the other hand, focus on modern styles like pop, rock, jazz, blues, and film music. Students explore chord progressions, popular piano accompaniment patterns, improvisation techniques, and arrangements of popular songs. These lessons often emphasize developing a strong sense of rhythm, playing by ear, and understanding contemporary music theory. By combining classical and contemporary approaches, students gain a well-rounded skill set and the versatility to play a diverse range of piano music.

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A composition class offers instruction and guidance in the art of creating original music. These classes are designed for aspiring composers, songwriters, and musicians interested in developing their skills in writing music across various genres and styles. Students learn fundamental elements of composition, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and orchestration. They study different compositional techniques, analyze notable works from classical to contemporary music, and explore various musical structures and approaches. The classes often involve hands-on exercises and assignments, allowing students to experiment with their own compositions and receive constructive feedback from instructors and peers. Students also learn about music notation, score writing, and how to effectively communicate their musical ideas. Through composition classes, students have the opportunity to develop their unique musical voice, expand their creative horizons, and gain the tools and knowledge to bring their musical ideas to life.

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Our improvisation class is a specialized music class that focuses on teaching and developing the skills and techniques required for musical improvisation. Improvisation is the art of creating music spontaneously, often without predetermined or written musical notation. In an improvisation class, students typically learn a variety of essential concepts and techniques to help them become proficient in improvising. These include: scales and harmony and theory, soloing techniques, rhythmic skills, melodic development, intercation with others, style exploration and ear training. The class can be provided by a piano teacher or other selected instrument teacher. 




At Maezztro Piano Junior, we are passionate about nurturing young musical talents. Our lessons are specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12, creating a fun and engaging learning experience. Maezztro teachers are carefully selected to deliver the finest lessons for young students. Each instructor is not only highly qualified but also has undergone a thorough DBS check to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

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Maezztro collaborates with a creative and highly experienced team of educators who have dedicated themselves to the field of teaching. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, they have successfully undertaken numerous groundbreaking projects, consistently pushing the boundaries of educational practices. Their unwavering commitment to excellence drives them to continuously explore and refine their teaching skills and methods, ensuring that they deliver the most effective and innovative educational experiences to our students.


Pease contact us to learn more about lessons on other instruments.


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