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Level Up Your Music: New Resolutions and Achieving Your 2024 Music Goals

New Year's resolutions can play an important role as intentional commitments to both personal and musical development, offering a structured framework for specific goals in your musical journey. This deliberate approach not only enhances your proficiency and creativity in music but also fosters a profound sense of purpose and accomplishment throughout the upcoming year. Embracing resolutions in the context of music becomes a tangible strategy for channeling artistic aspirations, encouraging the cultivation of positive habits, and ensuring strong growth in both skill and musical expression. Here are ideas and suggestions for resolutions and goals for the year 2024. Consider setting up clear goals to progress over time or gradually working on all of them simultaneously for a well-rounded and fulfilling year ahead.

  1. Practice Regularly Set a consistent practice schedule to improve your skills and musical proficiency. Aim to practice every day for at least one hour. If you cannot dedicate this much time, try to add at least one extra practice session to your weekly routine or extend each session by an additional 15 minutes. (All pianists can find helpful tips in our first blog on how to practice the piano).

  2. Learn New Pieces Challenge yourself by learning and mastering new musical pieces, focusing on your favorite composer or band. Whether you find the sheet music or learn the piece by ear, explore and conquer pieces that inspire you.

  3. Transcribe Professional Improvisation (One Solo Per Month) Transcribing an improvisation entails listening to a musical performance and notating melodies, chords, and rhythms to recreate and analyze the improvised piece in written form. This process, requiring a keen ear and knowledge of musical theory, serves as a potent tool to enhance your musical language and refine improvisation skills, deepening your understanding of phrasing, melodic patterns, and harmonic choices for a more expressive musical vocabulary.

  4. Improve Technique and Reading Notes May this year bring ongoing advancements in your technique and a refined ability to read musical notes. Focus on these aspects through consistent practice and gradually increase the difficulty of your exercises.

  5. Explore Different Genres May this year bring ongoing advancements in your technique and a refined ability to read musical notes. Focus on these aspects through consistent practice and gradually increase the difficulty of your exercises.

  6. Complete Your Repertoire and Perform Live Complete and refine your repertoire, ensuring each piece is meticulously prepared and ready for performance. Take the time to fine-tune nuances, refine interpretations, and perfect transitions, guaranteeing a confident and compelling presentation when the time for performance arrives (You can find helpful tips in second blog on how to prepare to the performance).

  7. Start Prepare for the Next Grade Exam or Competitons Engaging in music grade exams and competitions is valuable for personal growth, offering structured milestones, boosting confidence through performance experience, and providing constructive feedback that enhances skills in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

  8. Compose Your Tune Take some time to jam out and create your own music or fun arrangements, letting your creativity flow and adding a personal touch to your musical endeavors.

  9. Join a Music Band, Orchestra or Initiate Your Project Exploring the idea of joining a new band or initiating your own musical project could be both wonderful and challenging, opening up exciting possibilities for creative expression and personal growth.

  10. Record Your Music Invest time and energy to record your music, whether it's for your personal enjoyment or for sharing with others, capturing the essence of your creative expression.

  11. Upgrade Your Instrument (If Needed) Upgrading your instrument, if necessary, is crucial for elevating your playing experience, improving sound quality, and unlocking new levels of musical expression. It's an investment that directly enhances your journey as a musician.

  12. Learn to Play a Very Simple Tune on any Other Instument Discover the joy of playing a simple tune on a new instrument. Each attempt takes you on a musical adventure, expanding your creative horizons and unveiling fresh possibilities. It's not just about having fun; it's a cool skill that gives you insights into different instruments, enhancing your overall musical prowess.

Wishing you a fantastic year filled with incredible sounds, musical adventures, and outstanding performances. May your musical journey be truly extraordinary!

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